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September 14, 2018

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Home Location Geneva
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sooyeon kwon
sooyeon kwon
10:36 07 Oct 21
If you are new to Geneva and you need to find an apartment, you should hire Home Location. We were able to find one and get in the apartment in a timeframe of about 10days! Not only they help you find the apartment but they also help you find your ways to settle in. We received plenty of tips and what to do or not to do. Benoit was amazing and we would highly recommend to friends and family!
Joey Ha.
Joey Ha.
11:45 17 Sep 21
Home Location have been very helpful in finding and secure our apartment . The whole process from our side took only 3 days to have our place settled. Is responsive and result oriented , is worth to take your time to check out their services
Alexey Vorozhtsov
Alexey Vorozhtsov
08:26 04 Mar 21
I have been impressed by extremely efficient work of this company. They found us an apartment in Geneva, that perfectly match our demands (no of rooms, price, place) in one day!!! They always ready to help and answer on all questions. If someone need to get an apartment in Geneva, Home Location Geneva is the best company!!! I highly recommend Home Location Geneva without hesitation.
Daniil Ponomarenko
Daniil Ponomarenko
13:07 09 Oct 20
After 6 months of looking for a new apartment, I gave up and asked this company for help. Thay works super professionally and organized the first visit in a couple of weeks later (in September market was super quiet ). It was magic to get confirmation from regie in 2 days later. Yassine gives great support and had explained to me all contract details. As it was already mentioned here, Home Location provides the best service if you are looking to rent a property.
Louise Bourgeois
Louise Bourgeois
18:20 25 Aug 20
Could not have been smoother and more efficient. I struggled for two months to find a flat - moving from London to Geneva on my own and it had become almost impossible to get through to any type of property. Homelocation took care of my dossier and in just a little over a week had a beautiful flat ready, virtual tour done and paperwork sorted for my arrival. I wish I had leveraged their help sooner Thank you for your amazing work
Wiaam Ezzoubi
Wiaam Ezzoubi
19:57 25 Jan 20
Home Location provide the best service if you are looking to rent or buy a property. They found my apartment in Geneva in a very short time, it was beyond my expectations. They took care of everything, I just brought the documents requested . I really appreciated the fact that I was able to visit through video call, especially if you are working or traveling. I will definitely recommend this agency !
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